Contribute Videos!

This site is devoted to collecting videos of a wide diversity of sleeping—and twitching—animals across the globe. For as many species as possible, we hope to gain a better understanding of which parts of the body twitch the most and at what ages twitching is most prevalent. Ideally, we prefer videos of undisturbed animals with clear views of as many parts of the body as possible (or close-ups of those parts of the body that twitch a lot).

There are two ways to contribute videos:
1) Take a video of a sleeping animal and use the Add Video feature to upload it to this site;
2) Search the web for videos and use the Add Video feature to link to that video.

When you add a video, check the animal category that applies best (or check “Other” if you don’t see a category that applies). Also, please provide as clear a description as possible of the subject’s species and age as well as any other pertinent information.

Thank you for your help!